”STYLING” Vol.4 – 2017AW


<Style#7.><Style#7. item list>(Suit)Handmade single-breasted peak-lapel 2B. circular welt pocket jacket /GEOFFREY B.SMALL \ASK(+tax)(Long jacket) Handmade 1940’s French atelier long work jacket reproduction (L.Parisotto linen&wool herringbone)/GEOFFREY B.SMALL \ASK(+tax)(Inner) Handmade classic shirt (L.Parisotto.super 120’s double-twist cotton) /GEOFFREY B.SMALL \AS...

”STYLING” Vol.3 – 2017AW


Beginning of winter…–<Style#5.><Style#5. item list>(Knit cap) wool knit cap/(no-brand) \sample(Outer) Black washed wool modern artist coat/GREG LAUREN \340,000(+tax)(Inner-1) Beach faded chambray studio tux shirt with square bib/GREG LAUREN \82,000(+tax)(Inner-2) Ivory slouchy crew/GREG LAUREN \37,000(+tax)(Bottoms) One cut pant/LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION \112,000(+tax)(Sh...

”STYLING” Vol.2 – 2017AW


“立冬”Beginning of winter…–<Style#3.>         <Style#3. item list>(Cap) Handmade 1900’s worker’s cap design/GEOFFREY B.SMALL \ASK(Outer) Reversible cashmere*silk knit jacket/LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION \340,000(+tax)(Inner) Cashmere*silk knit/LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION \97,000(+tax)(Bottoms) Pilling knit pan...

”STYLING” Vol.1 – 2017AW


Winter is coming…–<Style#1.><Style#1. item list>(Knit cap) wool knit cap/(no-brand) \sample(Outer) Handmade 1970’s British Royal navy hooded duffel reproduction/GEOFFREY B.SMALL \ASK(Inner) Herringbone turtle neck knit/ADRIANO RAGNI \55,000(+tax)(Bottoms) VINTAGE DENIM/LEVI’S \Sample(Shoes) 8hole race-up boots/GUIDI \110,000(+tax)“Accessory”(Right...

“Secrets – outer & trousers…”


“GEOFFREY B.SMALL”-Made by hand special collection-“There is only one goal.”“To make the best clothes in the world today that are still humanly possible,that is all we care about./Geoffrey B.Small”–研ぎ澄まされた感性。こだわり抜かれた唯一無二の素材。歴史に則った緻密なリサーチ。卓越した伝承と伝統を兼ね備えた職人技術。究極に求められる全てがバランス良く注...